Body found in garbage bag inside vacant Trenton apartment

The bag was found inside a multi-family home on Beatty Street.

News 12 Staff

Dec 27, 2022, 5:30 PM

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A decomposed body was found in a garbage bag inside a vacant Trenton apartment on Friday.
Detectives in Mercer County are now trying to identify that person and find out who is responsible for their death.
The bag was found inside a multi-family home on Beatty Street. The house has three units.
The landlord told News 12 Jersey he evicted the tenant because he was a hoarder and neighbors complained of a horrible stench. When he finally got inside to clean, that's when he discovered the trash bag with what he believed to be human remains of a woman.
On Tuesday, there was tattered-yellow-caution tape on the gate to the alleyway that leads to the rear apartment where the body was found.
The landlord, who did not want to be identified, said it was a "very small body." He was at the apartment on Friday to clean up after he evicted the tenant in November.
As he and another man shoveled trash from the rear unit and tossed bags down the stairway, the landlord said one of the bags opened, and the victim's head was exposed.
The landlord believes the victim was a female because the evicted tenant had a girlfriend living with him who had gone missing.
So far, Casey DeBlasio, of the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office told News 12 New Jersey, "An autopsy will be performed by the Middlesex Regional Medical Examiner's Office. The Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the Trenton Police Department are investigating."
As the cleanup continued on Tuesday, a News 12 New Jersey crew spotted a mound of trash bags in the backyard.
Lisa Mounch, who lives in the upstairs unit, said her daughter was supposed to live in the unit after the tenant was evicted but now does not want to. Mounch also believes the victim may have been the woman who as living with the last tenant.
The landlord said he previously ran into his former tenant about a month ago. He said he was friendly and wanted to get his mail.
News 12 New Jersey reached out to the Mercer County prosecutor to confirm the man's name and to ask if he's a suspect but have yet to hear back.

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