Black History Month: This NJ institution is working to attack racial wealth gap in America

Bernel Hall, the CEO of New Jersey Community Capital, is looking to level the financial playing field for Black-owned businesses and homes, sooner than later.

News 12 Staff

Feb 27, 2023, 2:07 PM

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An institution is creating new opportunities for Black-owned businesses and homes as they attack the racial wealth gap.
Opportunity leads to confidence and often success. When it comes to Black home and business ownership, those opportunities may not always be available. In New Jersey, the home ownership gap between Black and white families is wide - a gap of about 30% to 40%. Bernel Hall, the CEO of New Jersey Community Capital, is looking to change that.
New Jersey Community Capital is a financial institution focused on creating opportunity and growing confidence.
“We love dreamers. We finance dreamers every day,” Hall said. "We are being very deliberate about attacking the racial wealth gap."
“We have to acknowledge that this country is becoming minority majority, and the people who allocate the capital and fund people’s first homes more and more, really need to look like the people that they serve,” Hall said. “It creates trust, it creates rapport, and it makes it easier for people to move into the capitalistic society that they are a part of.”
Hall says it's up to his company as well as others to be the difference makers for those ready to change their lives.

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