Black Friday shoppers get a jump on holiday shopping despite global pandemic

New Jersey residents looking for the latest deals on their holiday shopping headed out early Friday morning for Black Friday, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Best Buy in Woodbridge was bustling with customers. The store opened at 5 a.m. Shoppers and employees alike were seen wearing masks.
One customer told News 12 New Jersey that it was worth getting up early to get his hands on the new PlayStation 5.
“It’s pretty exciting. I waited long to get one because I couldn’t find one online, but I got lucky at Best Buy,” says Jose Corondo.
Customers say that they felt safe being in the store despite a surge in COVID-19 cases recently.
“I have my gloves, mask and hand sanitizer in the car, so I feel safe,” says Juakena Johnson. “There is social distancing. Everybody is being stopped before aimlessly going into the store. So, it’s very safe.”
In Passaic County, the WIllowbrook Mall opened to Black Friday shoppers at 7 a.m. People inside the mall were keeping their distance and following all safety protocols. One shopper says even with the option of online shopping, she still likes to browse in person.
"I like to come out and see what I'm buying as opposed to doing it online because sometimes online you might get the size that you think that it is and then when it gets there it's not the size that you need, so you end up having to send it back and that's another hassle,” says Dannon Spivey.
Willowbrook Mall management says that retailers have extended Black Friday sales throughout the week to cut down on crowding.
And there was a new way for people to do their Black Friday shopping at Walmart this year – from their cars. Marked curbside pickup locations are set up outside the stores. But for those that did their shopping inside, they say the store was a lot more laid back.
“It’s just a few people. I think later in the day it’s going to be more crowded. But for right now it’s OK to do shopping,” says Freddy Cabrera.