BITTER BLAST: Howell receives 6.2 inches of snow; officials warn to clear snow off vehicles

Friday's quick-hitting storm dropped a half-foot of snow in parts of Monmouth County.
Southern Monmouth County saw its first storm of the winter. The heaviest snow came down around 6 a.m. when the band of snow dropped several inches in just 90 minutes. Plows kept up with the task of keeping roads clear.  Howell received around 6.2 inches near Routes 33 and 34.
Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden reported no major issues on the more than 1,000 miles of county-run roads. He said he was most concerned about folks keeping their vehicles clear of potentially deadly snow. 
“It's against the law to have a snowpack, it's a motor vehicle violation,” says Golden. “Obviously we want to be safe out there. So important on SUVs you step up and you get a long broom handle and clean up or commercial vehicles. In particular, we encourage all commercial drivers to get that snowpack off of their trucks.”  
The temperatures were expected to drop Friday night and any untreated roads would quickly turn to ice.