Bill moving through state Senate would give schools option to eliminate snow days

A snowstorm may no longer mean a snow day for New Jersey students if a bill in the state Senate becomes law.
Senate Bill 464 would give school districts in the state the opportunity to call for a remote learning day if there is inclement weather - instead of having to close.
"I'm excited about the prospect of it, and I'm happy to hear that a bill of that nature is moving through our legislature in Trenton. We would welcome it,” says Mount Laurel School Superintendent Dr. George Rafferty.
Mount Laurel does not have built-in snow days, which means that the district must add dates to the school calendar when it uses a snow day. Rafferty says that the Senate bill would allow them to eliminate the need to add days and would allow summer learning programs to remain on schedule.
"Of course, there's always going to be some people who might feel like they'd rather just have the snow day and enjoying being a day at home. That always feels good in January and February, but when June comes around people want to get to the shore or the beach,” says Rafferty.
The remote school day in Mount Laurel would be a four-hour single session. Some parents say that this option would allow kids to experience school, while still going out to enjoy the snow.
“They can still do it. They can go out like we go out when she was working and studying on the computer for an hour or two. Then you can go out and still enjoy the snow and everything” says Moorestown resident Nageeb Abidi.
The bill now heads to the Senate floor for a vote.