Biden stumps for congressional candidate in New Jersey

Former Vice President Joe Biden came to Essex County Wednesday to rally for the Democratic candidate for the state’s 11th District.
Biden called the election a battle for the soul of America while speaking to the crowd at Montclair State University. 
“This is not who we are. This is not the America I know and I mean that we are a generous people. We are inclusive people. That’s who we are,” Biden said.
Biden was in New Jersey to stump for candidate Mikie Sherrill, a Navy veteran and former prosecutor with no political experience.
“I’m fighting because we know our government needs to be not only a government for the people, but by the people. All the people,” Sherrill said.
Sherrill is looking to be the first Democrat congressperson elected in the 11th District in more than 30 years. Her opponent is Republican Assemblyman Jay Webber, who has served in the General Assembly since 2008.
Webber says that the election is a simple choice.
“Go back to a place where Joe Biden took us with a stagnant economy or go forward with low unemployment and more opportunity,” Webber said.
Sherrill has out-fundraised Webber, and polls give her a small lead so far. The 11th District is a district that gave then-presidential candidate Donald Trump a slight majority in 2016.
Vice President Mike Pence campaigned for Webber last month, reaching out to those voters.
“They want to talk about an economy that allows those college students at Montclair State to go out and get a job, their own place, not move back into their parents place without a job. Those are the kinds of issues we’re talking about,” said Webber.
Election Day is Nov. 6.