Bergen New Bridge Medical Center begins giving 2nd COVID booster shot to patients

A medical facility in Bergen County is already giving out the second COVID-19 booster shot to people over 50 years old. It was prepared within 24 hours of the Food & Drug Administration approving the practice.
Donald Robertson, of Paramus, was one of the first to arrive at New Bridge Medical Center for the fourth shot. He is an Army veteran who says he plans to travel internationally soon.
“With the new variants, who knows what’s going to happen,” he says. “I just want to be protected, and I think I will be.”
Dozens have signed up for the fourth shot at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center. Carol Malone was one of them. She says that she spends a lot of time with her young grandchildren.
“If it’s been recommended, obviously it’s been researched. So go ahead and get the shot and protect yourself,” Malone says.
Doctors at the facility say that they expect to see more people sign up for the fourth shot. They say that it can improve not just the quality, but also the quantity or length of the immunity to COVID-19.
“It’s a pleasing thing to see so many people taking care of themselves, and quite frankly taking care of other people,” says Dr. Gian Varbaro, chief medical officer. “When you vaccinate, you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re protecting everybody around you. You're helping to end the pandemic.”
New Bridge will also bring the booster shots out into the community for those who are unable to get to the center but wish to get the shot.
“We go out into communities of vulnerability, communities of color, and we work with our faith-based leaders and other leaders in our community to identify communities that might need the vaccines or testing,” says New Bridge president and CEO Deborah Visconi.
Visconi says that the fourth shot comes as interest in COVID vaccines and testing has slowed down. She says it serves as a reminder that the virus is still out there.
Doctors recommend patients recently treated for COVID with certain medications should wait to get a booster. The best advice is to talk to your own physician to see if you should get the fourth shot.