Bear spotted at various spots across Hudson County, surprising police, community

A bear was spotted running around a busy part of Hudson County this weekend, leaving police and people living nearby quite surprised.
News 12 spoke to neighbors who say they saw police officers on their block in the middle of the night and were wondering what happened.
They ran outside and they saw a bear on the roof of a garage on Passaic Street in Harrison.
Neighbors say it's very unusual, and that it is a busy area and they have never seen a bear there before.
Police first received reports of the bear near Wawa in Kearny at around 4 p.m.
Later in the evening, it was spotted near the Red Bull Arena in Harrison and then on Passaic Avenue in the early morning hours.
In the meantime, New Jersey's annual bear hunt begins Monday, and it could be the last.
Ending the hunt was one of the governor's campaign promises, but he says he doesn't have the legal authority to do so.