Barclays Center set to reopen in 2 days

In just two days, its game on for Barclays Center and other New York City arenas, as they'll be able to welcome back fans and employees for the first time in nearly a year.
Neighboring business owners say they're optimistic that the extra foot traffic will bring back the hustle and bustle and the customers.
Local shoppers say they think the reopening is the start of their neighborhood being reborn, full of life and foot traffic.
Business owners News 12 spoke with say it can't happen soon enough.
Mingh Wei runs Squarrel Cafe and says the pre- and post-game crowds usually drives up sales significantly.
Changes in sales aren't the only things business owners hope for.
For Mohammad Hassan, it's safety. He wants eyes and ears everywhere because he says some people are scared of the area.
Shoppers say their wish is that their favorite mom-and-pop shops have a big turnout.