Balcony doors at Atlantic City condo complex screwed shut as safety precaution

An Atlantic City condo complex that told residents to stay off their balconies because it is dangerous, is now taking an additional step to keep residents safe.
On Monday, management at the Ocean Club Condominiums screwed the balcony doors shut.
Residents received a letter from the Board of Trustees after being told earlier this month that there were structural concerns with the balconies. This included damaged anchors and loose concrete. The sixth-floor deck is also closed.
Residents say that they hope the issues are fixed quickly.
“I use mine regularly in the summer, so hopefully it won’t be too long,” says Robert Wright.
“I’m on [floor] 15 and I have two balconies. I also have a puppy that uses the balconies, which is my biggest concern,” says Debbie Blank.
The letter to the residents states that the balcony doors will be able to open only three inches for ventilation.
Some concerned residents have reached out to News 12 New Jersey, saying the doors are now a fire hazard. But the letter states that the fire marshal says that the balconies are not considered points of egress for fire safety.
"I like the idea that we're on top of it, trying to address it before something does happen,” says Wright. “To me, that's what's most important. To see someone come falling off and then, ‘Oh now we need to address the balconies,’ would be problematic."
It is not clear how long the doors will be screwed shut or how long it will take to repair the balconies.
“I’m told it could be until May,” says resident Debbie Blank. “Yeah, I’m frustrated. Who wouldn’t be?”
The letter to residents also states that sidewalks next to the building will soon be covered in scaffolding for safety.