Residents of Atlantic City condo complex told to stay off balconies due to structural issues

A towering condo complex in Atlantic City is warning residents to stay off their balconies because of structural concerns.
Those who live in the Ocean Club Condominiums, located along the Atlantic City Boardwalk, say that they are frustrated.
"Am I afraid the building is going to come down? No. But I certainly expect them to get with it and get things done,” says resident Maryanne Quince.
An engineering firm is now working to assess the issue.
A letter sent to residents reads in part, "...some of [the balconies] might not be safe for use because of damage to the anchors of the railings and the discovery of loose concrete in some areas that creates the possibility of a serious life safety risk involving the balconies and anyone using the sidewalk below."
Some residents say that the complex has stopped checking the balconies for issues.
"It used to be every year those railings were checked and some of them needed recementing, but they stopped checking them about 2 1/2 years ago and that's that problem,” says resident Jane Halligan.
The residents say that their frustration mainly lies with the condo board, who they say put off dealing with the issue for too long. They are worried that, as residents, they will now have to foot the bill for repairs.
"The board has changed hands and the people that are now in authority are trying to really get things organized,” says Quince. “But for a couple years there, it was taking a different route and it wasn't a good one."
"They were into putting cameras, planting flowers, doing everything except the structure of the building ...and we're paying the price now,” says Halligan.
The complex management did not want to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, the Board of Trustees has set up a chance for residents to speak with the engineers about the issues.
Residents say the building has about 750 condos, some of which are only occupied during the summer months.