Bad puns required? These boat names will make you cringe

A viral video last week depicted a great white shark surfacing next to a boat off the coast of Point Pleasant.
The video itself was pretty amazing – but News 12’s Brian Donohue took particular notice of the boat’s name – “Big Nuts Required II.”
Donohue says that boat names often fascinate him. He says that boats seem to carry names with elementary school-level humor or naughty puns. He decided to go to one Jersey Shore marina to speak to some boat owners about their boat names.
“My boat is ‘Miss Conduct,’” said one boat owner.
When asked what he did on the boat to warrant such a name, the owner said that he was sworn to secrecy.
Other boat names made references to “Hookers” – likely a play on fishing hooks, as well as prostitution.
Some owners said that they named their boats after their spouses or children.
Some boat names that Donohue did enjoy were “High Hopes” and “Shell-E-O.”
News 12 did reach out to the owner of “Big Nuts Required II” for comment on the boat’s name but did not hear back.