‘Bad apple’ dog owners lead to pet ban on Seaside Heights boardwalk

News 12 New Jersey reported last week that Seaside Heights issued a dog ban for the town’s beach and boardwalk during the off-season.
The town’s police chief says that the ban was because too many dog owners weren’t picking up after their dogs.
News 12’s Brian Donohue says that it’s a few “bad apples” that ruin things for the rest of New Jersey residents. He says that this is a common trend.
The National Park Service banned alcohol from Sandy Hook in 2019 because of 328 alcohol-related arrests over a three-year period. This may seem like a lot until one considers that Sandy Hook sees 2 million visitors a year. This means that .00005% of visitors are spoiling things for everyone else.
When applied to the dog issue, New Jersey has 1.7 million dogs. Donohue says that this equates to around 3.5 million dog piles produced per day. When applying the .00005% statistic, that means there are 170 people a day not picking up after their dogs.
And for a state as densely populated as New Jersey, one can see how this would be an issue – forcing many New Jerseyans to watch where they step.