Back-to-school: Here’s how teachers are preparing their classrooms for the new school year.

When it comes to back-to-school, we always think about kids getting ready, but what about the teachers preparing their classrooms? News 12 went to Barnegat to check in with fifth and sixth grade teachers.
“Welcome to my classroom,” says Mrs. Danser. “I want to feel like they are loved and welcome, and this is a place for them to feel safe and comfortable to have fun. I want them to feel energized when they come into my room.”
Mrs. Danser welcomes her sixth grade science students with handmade colorful quotes, led lights and a pet bearded dragon.
“We wanted to create a nice and calming environment to come to,” says Mrs. Germano.
Warm and welcoming in Mrs. Germano's room. She's a guidance counselor.
“As we take a look down the hall and it's all shiny and bright, it's the promise of a new year with the bright hopes and dreams that teachers and educators have before the kids come in,” says Principal Saxton.
Principal Saxton at Horbelt Intermediate School is proud of his teachers, especially over the last few years.
“To be quite honest with you, the thing that I’m proud the most of with them is that it took a toll on them,” says Principal Saxton. “It was emotionally draining and yet for the deration of time teachers were here for the kids.”
Mrs. Szelc and Mrs. Brown are ready for the new school year. Social studies teacher Ms. Worsham is also ready for her students to call her room home.
“They feel at home, they feel comfortable,” says Ms. Worsham. “There's that insecurity when they walk into sixth grade because they are changing classes every single class. So, I welcome them, welcome.”
The principal says this year, students will really be focusing on relationships and socializing since they missed out on so many opportunities the past few years and more restrictions have been relaxed.