Autopsy to be performed on woman who died after power cut off

An autopsy will be performed on a Newark woman who died after the electrical power in her home was turned off.
News 12 New Jersey first reported on Lisa Daniels, who was on hospice care for congestive heart failure and using an oxygen tank to breathe when PSE&G cut her service the morning of July 5. The utility company said that Daniels’ account showed an unpaid balance.
But bank records showed that the family paid $500 to PSE&G two days before the power was turned off.
Family members said that Daniels’ house became unbearably hot after the electricity was cut and backup oxygen quickly ran out as Daniels struggled to breathe. She was found unresponsive around 4:30 p.m. and pronounced dead about two hours later.
The autopsy is expected to determine how much the power being cut contributed to Daniels’ death.
Newark police are investigating.
Daniels’ funeral will be held Wednesday.