Auto body shops busy repairing cars damaged during snowstorm

Auto body shops across the state are now busy repairing cars that were damaged during two recent snowstorms.
New Jersey State Police say that troopers responded to more than 500 crashes during Wednesday’s storm.
“It’s just the way people drive. You have to be careful in the bad weather,” says Pinto's Auto Body president Dominick Zappia.
Zappia says that his shop in Freehold has had to delay some repair jobs because some parts that should have arrived have not due to the snowstorm.
“A lot of our parts distributors are located in North Jersey…north, as everybody knows, got clobbered,” Zappia says.
Parts of northern New Jersey saw the brunt of Wednesday’s snowstorm, with over 2 feet of snow in some areas.
“It becomes a domino effect, because now I’m not going to get the parts that I need to complete jobs until probably Monday or Tuesday of next week,” says Pinto's Auto Body general manager Peter Berliner. “Of course that delays us for the cars that are here, but then next week’s work comes in and it delays that because I have to get these done ahead of that.”
Berliner says that the repairs can’t be rushed – they take as long as they would even if the parts were not delayed. There are at least 50 cars waiting to be repaired at Pinto's Auto Body alone, according to management.
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