AG Grewal, Texas organization battle over release of 3D printed gun data

New Jersey’s state attorney general and a Texas-based organization are battling over the release of instructions for a 3D printed gun.
Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced a lawsuit against Defense Distributed, which plans to release the information online Wednesday. According to its website, “Defense Distributed is a non-profit, private defense firm.”
Grewal filed a cease and desist letter last week against Defense Distributed in order to prevent the organization from releasing the information in New Jersey. Grewal says that the plans can be used to manufacture guns that are hard to trace and can be undetectable.
Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson countered by filing a lawsuit against Grewal.
“I have filed suit against [Attorney General Grewal]…We will not be silenced,” Wilson posted on Twitter.
Grewal responded Monday with news that New Jersey would file a lawsuit against Defense Distributed.
“Yesterday, [Defense Distributed] sued me for trying to keep untraceable guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals. So be it. I’m not backing down on public safety,” Grewal posted on Twitter.
Wilson and other gun advocates say that blocking the release of the gun instructions is a violation of the First and Second amendments.
“I am now being sued by 21 state attorneys general. If you want your Second Amendment online. THIS is the fight,” Wilson posted.
Defense Distributed began sharing some of the files Friday. By Sunday 1,000 people had downloaded 3D printer plans for the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.
New Jersey and seven other states also filed a suit against the Trump administration for its decision to allow Defense Distributed to publish the blueprints.