Atlantic County officials prep roads, equipment for Saturday nor’easter

Residents in Atlantic County are getting ready to deal with this Saturday’s nor’easter storm. Shore communities like Atlantic City are not used to getting this much snow.
“Usually we get about an inch or two inches,” says Atlantic City resident David Temple.
But not this time around. Atlantic City and up and down the Jersey Shore could be looking at a foot of snow – changing the plans for those visiting Atlantic City this weekend.
“We were supposed to meet up with friends. But they’re not coming because of the storm. They can’t stay the weekend,” says Carol Woodbury, of Bergenfield.
The Atlantic City Public Workers crews were preparing for their third snow event of the month.
“We had a little bit of practice from the last storm. So we’re a little bit better equipped this time. We started out at 7 a.m. this morning brining the roads,” says Ahmid Abdullah Sr., superintendent of Atlantic City DPW.
And when it comes to county roads, the Atlantic City DPW has been checking equipment and filling trucks at their site in Northfield.
“Mileagewise, we have 374 miles of roads,” says Jay Steinmetz, road and bridge director for the county public works.
Plows will hit the roads after 2 inches of snowfalls. With the storm occurring mostly overnight, it will make it easier for crews to clear the roads. Crews are preparing to possibly work 16-hour shifts.
“If the governor declares an emergency, even better because it’s nice having the whole place to yourself,” Steinmetz says.
Atlantic county says they are about 20% understaffed, which means they will have fewer crews than they would like out on the roads. They ask that if you do see one of their plow trucks out on the roads, to slow down and not attempt to pass it.
“I think I’ve had two claims already this year of people trying to pass. There’s no reason for it. Stay safe,” Steinmetz says.
And when it comes to flooding along the barrier islands, Steinmetz says, "It doesn't look as wet as some others but there's always a chance.”
Atlantic City officials are asking residents to move their cars to the Wave parking garage before the storm so plow trucks can clear the streets.