Atlantic City vaccine megasite site to hold 3 mass-scheduling events this week

More than 141,000 New Jerseyans have received COVID-19 vaccinations at the Atlantic City Convention Center. And this week, the megasite is gearing up for a mass-scheduling event to get even more people inoculated.
“We will be able to open up appointments – up to 31,000 appointments to the public,” says clinical facility manager Sherrie Bragg.
AtlantiCare is holding three mass-scheduling events on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
“You can have an appointment as early as Wednesday,” says AtlantiCare IT manager Rachel Bell.
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Bell manages the scheduling system. She says that the best thing to do to make sure someone gets an appointment is to create a profile ahead of time. This will ensure that there is already a username and password.
“Log on 15 minutes before and you are placed in the waiting room. The scheduling hasn’t opened yet, you’re kind of waiting for the event to open,” says Bell. “Then once the event is open, everybody is randomly assigned a number, no matter what time you logged on to the event.”
AtlantiCare says that the unexpected, but welcomed bump in vaccine supply will make a difference.
"Every dose is a life saved. That’s how we look at it here,” says Bragg.
AtlantiCare says that each scheduling event is expected to take two or three hours to get through the queue. Each event will have just over 10,000 appointments.