Atlantic City restaurant turns table theft into opportunity to give back to community

The owners of an Atlantic City pizzeria are using a crime committed against them as a way to drum up business and give back to the community.
Tony’s Baltimore Grill is one of those classic New Jersey pizza joints and has been in business for 95 years.
The restaurant recently decided to try something new with outdoor seating, with custom-made wooden patio furniture.
“Trying to give people a new experience on Atlantic Avenue,” says manager Joe Palumbo.
But on July 1, a table, chairs and an umbrella were stolen. The owners did not go to the police, even though the police headquarters is located practically across the street. They instead decided to handle the theft themselves.
“The reward is $1,500 cash, free pizza a week for life and if you’re over 21, you can get a beer with that,” Palumbo says.
Tony’s Baltimore Grill has also posted aerial photos of Atlantic City on their Facebook page as if they were conducting helicopter searches for the stolen items.
The restaurant has also encouraged followers to post photos of their own patio furniture so they can be ruled out as suspects.
In the end, Tony's has enlisted way more people than they ever have with the search and has garnered a ton of good publicity and goodwill.
The restaurant is also selling ransom letter T-shirts reading "5 million pizzas or the furniture gets it.” Benefits from the sales are going to the Atlantic City Boys and Girls Club.