Asbury Park bans smoking on town’s beaches

Asbury Park has joined other Jersey Shore communities in banning smoking on its beaches.
The Asbury Park City Council narrowly passed the ordinance Thursday evening.
The ban only applies to tobacco products – electronic cigarettes and vaping will still be allowed. Smoking tobacco products will still be allowed on the Asbury Park boardwalk.
The ban comes as good news to some Asbury Park tourists, who say that they often find cigarette butts all along the beach.
“The No. 1 thing [beachgoers] want when they come to the beach is clean water and clean sand,” says Asbury Park communication director Sonia Spina. “The smoking ban addresses that and also public health concerns.”
The ban goes into effect immediately. New cigarette butt receptacles will be placed along the boardwalk.
Smoking bans are already in place in several other Jersey Shore towns, including Belmar, Spring Lake and Long Branch.