As rain starts to taper off, winds pick up in parts of New Jersey

Heavy rain drenched parts of the Garden State overnight and now wind gusts are starting to pick up in the area.
News 12 Keith Kocinski was in Thunderbolt 12 at the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, where rain has lightened up but wind chill temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s.
On Wilson Avenue in Newark, a large pool of water was left on the street. Trucks and other vehicles struggled to travel across the flooded area.
News 12 is told the area is often flooding, even during light rain.
As most of the rain has moved out of the region, wind has come in its place.
The wind is not expected to be strong enough to knock down trees, but could bring down Christmas decorations that are outside.
Around 200 people reportedly lost power in Roselle throughout the night. Most of those residents have had their power returned.