Armed police officers to be assigned to Marlboro schools

Armed police officers will now be stationed at each school in Marlboro Township to provide security.
The town’s Board of Education approved a cost-sharing arrangement with town officials Tuesday night to allow an armed officer to be assigned to each of the district’s eight schools during class hours.
“Municipalities and school boards have contingency plans for emergencies, and this was deemed to be an emergency,” says Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik. “It was money that was available from taxpayers.”
The officers will be stationed in each K-8 school for the remainder of the school year. Special Class-3 officers will take over in September.
“New Jersey allows for a Special Class-3 officer to be hired by a municipality,” Hornik says. “It’s a retired police officer or military [veteran] that are trained by the local municipality and then they can go into the school system at a reduced rate."
Some parents and students tell News 12 New Jersey that they are happy to see the increased security.
“I just feel a lot more safe at the school now that there’s a police officer there,” says middle school student Nick Raffone.
“As many cops as humanly possible they can hire, I’m happy with,” says parent Scott Boles. “It puts us at ease that for eight hours or seven hours that they are in the school.”
The new plan does not affect Marlboro High School, which is under the Freehold Regional High School District. There is already an officer at the high school every day.