Are there too many Wawas in New Jersey? Brian Donohue investigates

The Wawa convenience store chain has long been a staple in southern New Jersey. But it is now rapidly expanding across the Garden State.
News 12’s Brian Donohue has become a huge Wawa fan. For someone who spends much of his time on the road, Wawa provides him with clean bathrooms, food and fuel.
Founded as a roadside dairy in Wawa, Pennsylvania in 1902, the company now has annual sales of over $12 billion and close to 900 locations in the mid-Atlantic and Florida. It is a favorite among many New Jerseyans.
"I’m still in the military, they sent all kinds of stuff to us in Afghanistan. It was amazing,” says Wawa fan Avery Colon. “Coffee, everything. And again, I love that it's got everything you need.”
But Donohue wonders if there might be too many Wawas in New Jersey. He says that one of the best things about the Garden State is the many mom-and-pop delis and shops that many other states don’t have. He says that he worries that the convenience store giant may be hurting some of New Jersey’s local businesses.
Wawa owners say they want to maintain a sense of place. Donohue says that he is skeptical, but hopes that Wawa can pull it off.
At last count, there are 261 Wawas in New Jersey.