Apple’s new ‘NameDrop’ feature has parents, police concerned

Apple’s latest operating system update is causing some concern in the law enforcement community and among parents.
iOS 17 has a new feature called “NameDrop” which allows two people with iPhones or Apple Watches to share their contact information just by bringing their devices together. This feature is automatically set to the “on” position.
Apple says contact information is shared only when the name drop appears on both phone screens and you choose to share your contact card.
This has prompted some police departments to issue warnings to parents whose children have iPhones.
Barry Dynkin, president of Atlas Cybersecurity, has some advice for parents on how to protect their young ones.
"Even a properly managed smartphone, is definitely a risk for younger children. Particularly for features like these which are not essential for children,” he says. “It's prudent for parents to lock down settings as high as possible and turn these sorts of features off."
Dykin urges everyone to reach the details of the update before installing. But he does admit that most people have no idea what they are agreeing to.