Animated rap video celebrating Weehawken goes viral across New Jersey

The tiny Hudson County town of Weehawken has found itself in the musical spotlight thanks to a video from the upcoming season of an animated series on Apple TV+.
The video features a rap song written by the group Supercommuter and performed by rapper and actor Daveed Diggs, of Broadway’s “Hamilton” fame. It was written for Apple TV+’s animated musical series “Central Park.”
The song and video have gone viral – particularly in Weehawken itself.
“I was surprised at how quickly the thing went viral, certainly within Weehawken,” says Ned Taddei of JZT Dance Studio. “It was everywhere. Kids came in here, they were talking about it. It’s pretty cool.”
The video features “Central Park” character Helen, who is from Weehawken, bopping around town rapping the praises of her hometown.
Not many towns in New Jersey have their own song. Many Weehawken residents have heard the song and say that they love it. The song mentions a bit of everything surrounding Weehawken, from mentions of famous natives like Fred Astaire and Kate Pierson of the B52s, and even mentions the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The chorus even celebrates the common practice of jaywalking.
A group of Weehawken High School seniors told News 12 New Jersey that they wouldn’t be surprised if the song is featured at this year’s senior prom.
The second season of “Central Park” will be released on June 25.