Animal hospital finds temporary home after fire badly damages building

A New Jersey animal hospital that was badly damaged by fire has now found a temporary home.
The Animal Hospital of Fairfield sustained over $2 million worth of damage in an electrical fire on Jan. 4. It has been operating in Fairfield for 15 years.
“I found recorded messages from the police department and alarm company. When I called back, they said, ‘Your building is on fire,’” says Dr. Hesham El-Akbawy.
El-Akbawy and the hospital are now operating out of the Lincoln Avenue Cat Hospital in nearby Fair Lawn, with plans to work out of a trailer outside of the Fairfield office within the next week.
“I will be big enough that it will almost be like four rooms,” El-Akbawy says. “We can perform everything and we can make it easy for our loyal clients.”
But for now, pet owners can bring their dogs to the cat hospital on one of three designated days that dogs can come in. Three other days are dedicated to cats.
“A lot of people have offered donations. We have not accepted any donations yet. The good thing is their intentions,” El-Akbawy says.
Reconstruction on the hospital may start in February. El-Akbawy says that the goal is to have the grand reopening by the end of May.