'An epic, epic day.' Customers line up for chance to buy recreational marijuana in NJ

Adult-use recreational marijuana sales can be made now in New Jersey, and RISE Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bloomfield is one of the state's approved dispensaries.
A party was on hand there, including a band, doughnuts and balloons. 
For Melissa Correa from Raritan, it really is a breath of fresh air 
"No looking back, you know? No looking back,” said Correa.
She made it to the dispensary before doors opened at 6 a.m. for the expected stampede of customers. 
"The purchase is great,” said Correa. “It's in my hand and when I walk out that door, I know I can come back anytime that I want. It's an epic, epic day for the state of New Jersey."
“It's been many years waiting for this,” said Jerel DeMarco, of Montclair. “We're going in to get some grass."
It’s cash-only sales for recreational marijuana so far in the state, but sites accept debit and certain fee-less methods over the phone with the Arrow Pay app. 
“What's going to happen is that people are going to come in, love the product, then come back,” said Ben Kovler, Chairman and CEO of Green Thumb Industries. “We're very bullish on Rhythm Flower, we believe in well-being, we believe in the product, and so this is incredibly exciting."
Kovler said next for the state is the social equity licenses for those who’ve had prior possession charges. 
“Hopefully they dismiss all the charges for all those people for all those years they got,” said Juan, of Bloomfield. “Maybe they just erase the whole thing."
Currently, the soft lozenges, or gummies, aren't legally able to be sold in New Jersey yet. There's hope that will change within the next few weeks or even days.