Air Quality Awareness Week begins – Today highlights electric cars

Air Quality Awareness Week begins today, and each day, the state will highlight a new initiative.
The week comes on the heels of receiving an 'F' recently when it came to air quality in New Jersey
Today, the Department of Environmental Protection is highlighting electric cars and the push to get more of them on our roads because it's said more than 40% of greenhouse emissions come from gasoline-powered vehicles.
According to the American Lung Association, car pollution leads to extra ozone and smog in the air and that, in turn, leads to more people with asthma and other respiratory issues.
In fact, the state health department says one in 13 New Jersey residents are dealing with asthma.
In New Jersey, electric vehicle registrations have increased from about 500 in 2011 to more than 23,000 today.
“I think it's truly important to do what you can to make conditions better and obviously health is a big thing and the environment also," says Maurice Barakat, a Tesla driver.
The state says they've got 282 locations where drivers can charge, and they are looking to build more.
Some of the money will come from a $72 million Volkswagen settlement.
Other initiatives they will highlight on this week include solar power and renewable energy, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and a DEP map that allows you to track some of the largest emitters in your neighborhood.