Advocates rally in East Orange to call for aid to Haitian migrants at Texas border

Activists gathered in Essex County on Thursday to call for immediate aid and compassion at the Texas border, where thousands of Haitian migrants remain in what is being described as deplorable conditions.
Haitian Americans, local mayors, lawmakers and leaders gathered in East Orange. They say that they were horrified by the videos and images posted on social media from the border. They are demanding a stop to deportation flights and want quick amnesty for the Haitian migrants who are gathered in Del Rio.
While some of the speakers say that this goes beyond politics, others are calling on the Biden administration for immediate change.
“While immigrants await due process, we ask that the process is streamlined and expedited to prevent unnecessary suffering and possible death of innocent people,” says Union Township Mayor Michele Delisfort. “We ask for shelter, care, food – anything less than that would be less than the principles the country was founded upon."
“Whether it’s President [Joe] Biden, whether it’s Vice President [Kamala] Harris, I look in all these cameras and all the press and wherever it may go, you need to get down to that border and you need to be visible and you need to treat our humans with respect,” says state Assemblyman Jamal Holley.
New Jersey has the fourth-largest Haitian immigrant population in the United States.