Abandoned dogs rescued from freezing cold in Haledon, Mount Olive

Abandoned dogs were found in the freezing cold in both Haledon and Mount Olive.
Haledon police say a young pit bull was left out in the freezing cold on Jan. 15. Officials say they responded to a call of an abandoned dog in the cold and by the time they arrived on scene, the dog had collapsed on the ground. They say the dog also showed signs of frostbite.
Police say they took the dog, Elsa, to the animal hospital. She is now resting in a foster home and will be available for adoption through Jersey Pits Rescue once she has fully recovered.
Elsa’s owners have been charged with third-degree animal cruelty.
A similar situation happened in Mount Olive, where two pit bull mixes were found outside in a crate on the corner of Goldmine Road and Tanglewood Way.
A picture of the dogs was posted to a Hopatcong Community Facebook group. The man who posted the photo says the police were contacted and the pups were picked up.
Officials say the dogs were found outside in the freezing cold behind a shopping center with a blanket over the crate. The dogs had no food or water.
Anyone with information should contact Common Sense For Animals at 908-859-3060.