AAA: 88% of New Jerseyans surveyed will be staying home for Thanksgiving holiday

The coronavirus pandemic is certainly changing how people will go about their holiday routine, and according to AAA, many are not hitting the road on this usually very busy getaway day.
State and national leaders are urging people to stay home and have only small gatherings. Some, but much less than usual, have decided to travel even with coronavirus restrictions in place.
“Me and my wife and mother-in-law will stay at home, not going out," says Rod Spearman, of Rahway. "Nervous, scared and plus, I want to do what's right, and so we're not traveling."
Bill Pavlik is crossing state lines.
"I'm heading to Atlantic City to see the family,” says Pavlik. “Live up in Westchester County, New York."
Pavlik is taking advantage of low gas prices and says he only gets to see his family members in South Jersey a couple of times a year.
AAA says 88% of New Jersey residents surveyed will be staying home for the Thanksgiving holiday, 46% say they are not traveling because of COVID-19.           
But there are some who still plan to be on the move this holiday weekend. Of those, 77% plan to drive, 18% plan to fly, and 5% plan to travel by some other mode of transportation, such as a bus, or train.
If you are driving somewhere, it won't cost much, as gas prices are very reasonable. The average price for a gallon of regular gas is around $2.21 – this time last year it was $2.57.