94-year-old woman rediscovers love for singing after finding her old recordings

The discovery of old records packed away for decades is bringing unexpected attention to the Long Branch woman singer who recorded them.
Madeline Forman says that she has loved singing for all of her 94 years on Earth. And the discovery of these old records that Forman made as a young woman brought her voice back to the spotlight.
“It brought it back, brought it all back,” Forman says.
She and her husband were moving out of the family home last year when she found the old 78s that she recorded in her childhood in Newark in 1946. Those records had been set aside, as were her dreams of a singing career.
“I didn’t pursue it because other things came first and were more important,” Forman says. “My family. They had no money.”
But all these years later when her loved ones learned of the old records, a relative in the music business transferred them to a digital medium. Forman even went back into the studio.
“I recorded the same song 75 years later,” she says.
The music is now bringing her attention that she missed out on earlier in her life. Forman has a new website, and her music is posted online. She says that it is bringing her happiness that she never imagined.
“Like ‘The Godfather.’ ‘Kiss my ring!’ You know? Everybody is telling me how wonderful, talking to me. It’s wonderful,” Forman says.
She says that she hopes that her music brings much joy to those who listen.
Forman says that she sang with a band at her own wedding nearly 70 years ago. Those recordings were also found in the move.