92-year-old car salesman from Englewood says he has no plans to retire

Most people who reach the age of 90 have long since retired. But there is one car salesman in Englewood who says he has no plans on quitting.
Dick Shore is 92 years old and loves his job. He still works five or six days per week.
Shore’s grandchildren say that he loves talking about his work at family functions.
Shore began selling cars in 1960 after starting out as a mechanic.
"I enjoy talking to people. I tried staying home for a while when we had a problem with this COVID and it just didn't work. I was walking the dog and watching TV and things like that and I said ‘No, I gotta get back to work,’” says Shore.
Shore says he always takes the ups and downs of the business and works hard to earn and keep his customers' trust.
He turns 93 next month.