8-year-old Woodbridge girl organizes effort to save Toys R Us

A Woodbridge elementary school student says that she will try her hardest to save a beloved toy store.
Delilah Jane Farrell Lattanzi, 8, says that she cannot imagine a world without Toys R Us.
“My mom grew up with it, my grandmother grew up with it and I want my kids to,” she says. “I can’t' imagine my kids not knowing what Toys R Us is. It would just be mind-blowing."
With help from friends at Mawbey Elementary School, the third-grader kicked off a large campaign to save the corporation, which announced last month that it would liquidate all of its U.S. locations. The campaign includes a petition signed by over 100 people, posters and letters. 
Lattanzi says that this is just the beginning. She also organized a fundraiser.
"I am putting up a lemonade stand up at my house and I’ll be giving all of the money I earn, I will be giving it to [Toys R Us],” she says.
Lattanzi says that she knows that her efforts may not save the store, but she says that she has to try. Her parents say that they are very proud of her.
“She’s way beyond her years in thought,” says her father.
Even officials at Toys R Us are impressed. A spokesperson said in a statement, "The outpouring of support, from both kids and adults, for Toys R Us has been tremendous. We appreciate the love and kindness and will be forever grateful to our customers, like this wonderful girl in Woodbridge."
Lattanzi says that if the corporation doesn’t accept her fundraising money, she plans to donate it to a children’s hospital.