53-foot tall, 78-foot wide American Flag hot air balloon consumes Overpeck County Park

A 53-foot tall, 78-foot wide American Flag hot air balloon is honoring America today, as well as its female veterans, in Bergen County.
The balloon consumed Overpeck County Park in Ridgefield Park.
The PNC American Flag special-shaped balloon is 53-feet tall, 78-feet wide, 29-feet deep and weighs 530 pounds. The balloon was created following the tragic events of 9/11.
Five female service veterans from New Jersey with a combined 64 years of service in the U.S. Army and Navy helped to man the balloon.
“You know it just brings out the little kid in everyone,” says Howard Freeman, with Quick Check Festival of Ballooning. “It’s kind of like when you were at the circus instead of looking at the three rings when I was growing up I would look at my son’s face to see the gleam in his eye and the smile on his face and that’s what you get when you have a great balloon like this.”
Between July 26 and 28, there will be 100 balloons, 15-special shaped balloons and concerts at the 37 annual Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning in Hunterdon County.