4th person arrested following homicide, police shootout in Elizabeth

A fourth person is now in custody following a homicide in Elizabeth that then led to a shootout with police.
Jonathan Philippe was taken into custody early Thursday morning in Irvington.
Prosecutors allege the men fatally shot Daniel Louis, 26, of Irvington, who was unarmed.
According to prosecutors, immediately after Louis was shot, the suspects were involved in a shootout with police outside a strip club.
Authorities say two officers were on routine patrol on Easter Sunday when they heard the gunshots coming from a parking lot area.
When the officers arrived at the scene, they encountered the group and determined they were involved in the shooting.
In the week following the incident, Felipe Cadet, Sharif Robinson, and Don Lafortune were arrested.
All four men are facing several weapons charges.
Robinson has been charged with first-degree murder.