3 Things to Know – Sept. 17, 2018

1. Merry Christmas.
Forget that it's September. It's Christmas time in Ohio for 2-year-old Brody Allen. The toddler diagnosed with brain cancer sadly may not make it to Christmas, so they moved up the holiday for him. Besides Santa, people on the block all decorated their homes with lights. Christmas cards and gifts have been flowing in from around the world. Merry Christmas to Brody!
2. A thunderstorm can make you rich. 
In Virginia, a man was out cutting his grass when a storm rolled in. He got off his mower and went and bought a lottery ticket. That ticket cashed. $10 million. Guy says if not for the thunder, he would have stayed on that mower. He's probably off the mower for good now.
3. A horse can't sue a person. Or can it?
Oregon. This horse is suing his former owner for abuse.  An animal rights group filed the lawsuit on behalf of the horse, fittingly named Justice. The horse wants $100,000 in damages. A judge will decide if the lawsuit can proceed. That would be a yay or a nay.