3 Things to Know – May 29, 2018

1.  License plates are going digital.
In California, drivers can replace their metal plates with essentially a digitized billboard that hangs on the back of their car. The plates display the license number, but they can also display things like an Amber alert or if the car's reported stolen. The cost is $700.
2. Shirts shouldn't cost $1300.
But this one does. It's actually two shirts in one. A T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt. Pick the one you want to wear, the other is attached. The good news about the $1300 price tag, it comes with free shipping.
3. This is probably the most insane sporting event in the world.
In England, It's the cheese rolling championships. They roll a chunk of cheese down the hill. Your mission is go catch it. This is a very steep hill. People going all out, falling all over themselves to get that cheese. Every year there are bruises and broken bones.