3 Things To Know - May 15, 2018

1. Some rent controlled apartments in New York City are really cheap.
An apartment in Greenwich Village goes for $28 a month.  A woman moved in 1955 and paid $16 a month. Between rent control and a friendship with the landlord, rent never went higher than $28.  But, there's no hot water, no tub or shower. Sadly, the woman died in March. The landlord now says he's going to renovate the place. The new rent will be $5,000 a month.
2. High school seniors are often voted most likely to something.
One senior in Arizona was voted most likely to bomb the U.S., and it's in the yearbook. The parents of the kid are appalled. The school's apologizing about a million ways to Sunday. A student on the yearbook staff wrote that in there himself.

3. A senior prank at a high school in Wisconsin targeted the cops.
Police rolled up on the scene. of a car halfway into a building. Police think it's a legit accident scene.  It's not. It's actually half a car. The hole is really just black paper taped to the bricks. The police congratulated the seniors on a successful prank.