3 Things to Know – Aug. 16, 2018

1. Summertime. Bears are out looking for food in places they shouldn't.
California. A cop shooting out the back window of a car with a bean bag because there's a bear inside. The idea worked. The glass shattered, the bear ran off into the woods.
2. The theme of one college student's dorm room in Texas is hamburgers.
The burger chain "What a burger" took over design duties. You walk into this room, it looks like you're walking into one of their restaurants. There's burger related decor everywhere, pictures, pillows, cups and condiments. The student says he's a big fan of the restaurant.
3. New way to try and steal an ATM, use an excavator.
Wyoming. Crazy video. Guy drives a flat bed to a gas station with an excavator on it. He then starts trying to dig it out. He reached in through the window. He only managed to knock the ATM over. He couldn't scoop it out. The guy got away. Oh, he brought his dog along for the heist. The pooch seen waiting patiently while the guy worked the excavator.