2020 Nor'easter: Middlesex County

Crews all around New Jersey, including South Plainfield, are getting ready to clear the snow
Stilo Paving & Excavating in town is adding the plow to one of its six trucks prepared to weather today's storm. All six trucks will be going to part of Route 18 near the Rutgers University football stadium alone.
"It's going to be easier because [of] less traffic than 287, less truck traffic, because of trucks coming from 287 to the turnpike, we won't be seeing any of that, so it should be pretty good,” says owner Bobby Stilo.
Stilo has more than 45 years of experience in plowing through 287, and their advice to drivers –stay home if you can and stay out of the way of plow trucks and salt trucks.
"Stay at home tonight, that's all,” says Stilo. “It'll make everything a lot easier."
Stilo’s son says he’s expecting to be working at least 12 hours tonight through the storm.