2 state lawmakers propose bill to relax law about frames obscuring license plates

Each year, about 100,000 New Jersey drivers get a ticket for having words on their license plate partially concealed by a license plate frame.
It's an offense that so many drivers are guilty of that it means virtually anyone could be pulled over at any time. Most of the time the only words being obscured are "New Jersey" or "Garden State."
If it sounds crazy to you, well, two legislators - state Sen. Patrick Diegnan Jr. of Middlesex and state Assembly Member Ronald Dancer of Ocean County - agree.
The two have introduced a bill that would relax the law prohibiting license plate frames that conceal any of the lettering or numbers on a license plate whatsoever.
On today's Brian's Positively New Jersey segment, we take a look at this classic New Jersey law - and the strange decisions many of us make to keep these license plate frames on our cars in the first place.