2 New Jersey sisters create Facebook group to help make COVID-19 vaccine appointments

Two sisters have started a Facebook group to help New Jersey residents get appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine.
“Strangers are helping strangers. It really is great to see,” says Brandi Prell, co-founder of the group New Jersey COVID Vaccine Info.
Prell and her sister, Brittany Prell Cohen, started the group after finding that there was a need to help those struggling to make an appointment.
Ken Grasso, of Pine Brook, says that he stayed up for 48 hours straight trying to book an appointment through CVS.
“I cannot get an appointment. It’s terrible, you know?” he says.
“I’m pretty confident that if you join our group, you’ll be able to find an appointment pretty fast,” says Cohen.
Finding a volunteer is as simple as posting to the group thread and any of the approximately 100 volunteers will help. It is a 27/7 operation.
“One of our volunteers the other day was telling us that at 3 a.m. they heard a ping on their phone, and they just rolled out of bed and made a couple of appointments…so, it’s definitely a full-time job,” says Cohen.
There are thousands of comments in the group. Some of those who have gotten appointments have paid it forward by volunteering themselves.