2 more bettors claim FanDuel won’t pay out on sports bets

Two more men are coming forward to claim that FanDuel won’t pay out on a bet they made on the Denver Broncos versus Oakland Raiders game this past Sunday.
Friends Mike Guerriero and Chris Calcano say that they made a long-shot bet on the Denver Broncos to defeat the Oakland Raiders during Sunday's game. They made the bet using the FanDuel app.
The Broncos ended up winning the game and the friends say that they should have earned $56,000, the amount that showed up in their account on the app. A screenshot of the app shows the money, with the taxes already taken out.
“We were talking about how we were going to spend it,” says Calcano.
But they say that the next morning the money was gone and in its place was only $12.
FanDuel blames the take-back on a glitch and says that a bet made on those odds should not have been an option and shouldn’t have been on the site.
“They ended up calling back and saying ‘We reserve the right to change any bets that were made to what the line should have been,’ which was legal speak for ‘We reserve the right to change anything that comes in as a winner,’” says Guerriero.
News 12 New Jersey previously reported on the story of Newark resident Anthony Prince, who made a similar bet at the Meadowlands Racetrack in the sports betting lounge ran by FanDuel. Prince says he is owed over $86,000, but FanDuel also says that it won’t pay due to a glitch.
The bettors say that the situation has left them wary of placing any more bets with FanDuel.
“I don’t want to place any more bets with them, just because of that simple fact that they can just adjust the outcome after the fact. It didn’t make any sense to me,” says Calcano.
“How can I trust any line on that site knowing at any point anything can be changed or manipulated in any way they see fit,” says Guerriero.
A spokesperson for FanDuel released a statement to News 12 that said in part, “A small number of bets were made at the erroneous price over an 18-second period.  We honored all such bets on the Broncos to win the game at the accurate market price in accordance with our house rules and industry practice, which specifically address such obvious pricing errors. We have reached out to all impacted customers and apologized for the error.”
The New Jersey Division of Gaming is investigating the incident.