2 anti-viral pills to fight COVID-19 offered at select NJ Walgreens; prescription needed

Two anti-viral pills that can fight off COVID-19 are now being offered at select pharmacies in New Jersey.
There are 50 Walgreens locations that have the prescription-only pills.  
One is called Paxlovid by Pfizer, and the other is Molnupiravir by Merck.  
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Both pills are for those who are COVID-positive and at risk for severe illness and hospitalization.   
Clinical trials showed that both need to be taken by those at risk within three to five days of COVID-19 symptoms.   
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services are sending them out to areas most in need.  
More pharmacies are expected to have the pills as supplies increase.  
Federal officials say these anti-virals could save lives and help the U.S. get out of the pandemic, but these pills are not a replacement for vaccinations.
Information about where the pills can be found is located on HealthData.gov.