10-year-old becomes the youngest NJ bowler to bowl a perfect game

A Maplewood boy has made history by becoming one of the youngest bowlers to bowl a perfect game.
Kai Strothers, 10, bowled a perfect 300 at Jersey Lanes in Linden this past weekend. This makes him the youngest person in New Jersey to complete the feat in a league competition, according to his coach.
"At his age, I haven't seen anything like him,” says coach Ahmad Bashir.
So how does he do it?
“I don't know. I just didn't get too excited and I was just focusing on the lanes and the pins,” Strothers says.
The boy’s mother says bowling has become one of his favorite things to do.
“He eats, sleeps and drinks bowling. That’s what he wants to do all the time,” says Sharonda Strothers. “So it's one of those reward system things. OK, how are your grades in school? How's this? Then we can go bowling.”
Last year, Strothers won the Eastern Regionals while competing against many kids who were in high school.
The young bowler says that he wants to be a professional bowler when he grows up.