Young woman rescues stray dog from the Bahamas

A young woman went to great lengths to save and bring home to New Jersey a stray dog that she found while on vacation in the Bahamas.
"I just saw her and knew from that moment I had to do anything to help her,” said Marissa Grosso.
Grosso says she befriended the little dog one night in May while she was on a trip to the Bahamas with her dad after finishing up her sophomore year in college.
She says the stray dog, who she now calls Atlantis, was just over 30 pounds and in poor shape. While Grosso had made it her goal to get the dog to the nearest Humane Society, she was never able to successfully corral the dog.
When she returned home, she continued to push the Humane Society in the Bahamas to look for the dog.
Finally, a tourist who donates to the Humane Society found the dog – and not only that, got her on a private plane and delivered her to West Palm Beach.
Grosso, her dad and Atlantis made the 22-hour drive back to Jersey, where the dog now has a safe, happy home.
While Atlantis’ condition has improved, she has been diagnosed with heartworm and will start treatment this week.
"It was the best vacation I ever had because now I get to have my dream dog,” she says.