‘You do that to no child’: Woman allegedly left 2-year-old in scalding bath

Authorities on Long Island say a 2-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being placed in a burning-hot bath -- so hot that the child suffered second-degree burns on 20% of his body.
According to authorities, Yenci Lopez, 19, of Hempstead, allegedly put her cousin's son into the burning tub.
Court documents say it happened Sunday night at Lopez's home on Kane Avenue in Hempstead.
Police say Lopez put the boy in the burning hot water for several minutes and walked away, despite the child's screams. Instead of helping him, Lopez allegedly took the boy to a birthday party at a nearby house, where partygoers saw the child's condition getting worse.
"I have kids and I have grandkids,” says Janet Patterson, of Hempstead. “That's brutal. You do that to no child. They're kids, they need your love, they need nurture."
Lopez is facing multiple charges, including child endangerment. Her attorney calls the incident a horrible accident and a misunderstanding.