Yorktown sets up emergency collection of baby formula

A Westchester community is banding together to help parents and children fight through the baby formula shortage.
Yorktown has launched an emergency collection drive this week to try and help. They've set up three collection sites at the Town Hall, St. Mary's Food Pantry and the First Presbyterian Church.
Officials say food pantries in the area are completely out of baby formula so they're asking people to donate.
They say even if you don't have infants, if you happen to see any formula while you're out shopping - buy it and bring it in to donate.
This drive is also accepting formula with expired best buy dates.
Meanwhile, there may be some relief on the way. Baby formula manufacturer Abbott Nutrition, which is at the center of the crisis, could have its Michigan plant up and running again. The plant was shut down back in February over possible contamination and safety concerns.
Doctors say this shortage is causing some dangerous consequences. Even hospitals that treat sick children are having a hard time getting formula. "We are trying to do some different 'doctoring' formulas that aren't usually used for this kind of situation and try to see if we can find something that will work," says Dr. Mark Corkins, a pediatric gastroenterologist.
Yorktown officials say the formula drive runs through the end of the month. "You're not just helping Yorktown, you're helping a wide range of people who rely on them for their basic needs," says Yorktown Town Supervisor Matt Slater. "We recognize that it impacts communities across the country, but we're just trying to do our part to help those that we can."